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Louise Dryden

Certified Bioresonance Practitioner 

Qualified Homeoapth (BScHons, LCHE, HINT)

My first steps towards a more natural route for health care was when my youngest son developed eczema, this led me to visit a homeopath and this was when my love for this amazing treatment started. A year later I enrolled on the degree course at CHE and this led me to reduce to part time teaching of dance at a secondary school and to journey into developing my practice as a complementary therapist. I had a lucky break, when my colleague and now friend, Rona Francis brought me in to take over from Roger Dyson, who together had set up a very successful practice - Newlands Park Natural Health Centre in Sydenham. Here I was introduced and trained in kinesiology and began to use the amazing PS1000 Bioresonance machine that they had brought into clinic. I have since undergone the full training on this amazing piece of equipment and now practice, using a triangulated approach of bioresonance, homeopathy and kinesiology. After over 30 years of teaching, have finally decided to give this up to fully focus on this wonderful journey to helping my clients discover better health.

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When you book to see me, your first consultation will last between 90 minutes  to 1 1/2 hours. In this time, you will sit on the bioresonance chair, which is connected to the machine and then we will run through all of the different categories on the machine to see what is resonating 'in' or 'out' of balance, which is shown by either a circular or linear motion of the rayotensor. During this time, I will be able to discuss your health care and get a better picture of your overall health and areas that need most focus. The key focus of my work is to try and discover the reason behind your in-balance' and then, a bit like a detective. trying to eliminate any causal factors that could be influencing this and then treating, using the frequencies from the machine, homeopathic remedies and also supplements (if needed).

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