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14th January 2024

Homeopathic Remedy - Ceanothus Americanus

I am really interested in the remedy Ceanothus Americanus. I came across this remedy, really by chance when looking into supporting the ATP production within the body, that was showing out of balance with one of my American clients. Not sure how we really got to this... but was looking in the homeopathic repertory and then tried this remedy to support the balancing of the ATP and it looked to be successful. Then tested the remedy in a 200c using kinesiology (arm muscle testing ) and it came up as strengthening.

Now, the remedy seems to be relatable to the spleen, it is said to be a left-sided remedy, helps with chronic bronchitus and reduces blood pressure. But for me the main supporting action that I am finding that it helps with is supporting the ATP, which is often found to be out of balance in the body. ADP (Adenosine triphosphate) is a 'nucleotide' that supports the energetic function of the cells and so is vital for good health and reparation. I have now often used this remedy, in a 200c and often prescribing in a 3 - 2 - 1 pattern (weekly dosage) and have found that when my client returns for the next appointment, often the ATP will be showing as in balance.

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